Anastasia Hicks

Anastasia Hicks is the administrative assistant to Attorney Sara Witherspoon. Anastasia works closely with Attorney Sara Witherspoon in her tax boutique in regards to research, procurement, and client relations. In addition to assisting Attorney Witherspoon, Anastasia’s second role is assisting the firm with business operations. There is little Anastasia doesn’t do in making sure the business side of the practice runs smoothly such as managing the firm’s website, managing the law firms social media pages, drafting periodic news articles, maintaining marketing campaigns as well as managing the Office Suite for the firm.

Anastasia is a graduate from Lower Richland High School class of 2017. She is a proud Diamond hornet! There she gained social and leadership skills that would follow with her through her professional career as well as in life. Anastasia is a very driven, outgoing and very respectful. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, cooking and reading. She attends Friendship Baptist Church on Hopkins SC, where she works with the youth. Her goals are to further her education in undergrad and attend law school in hopes of becoming a Defense Attorney.

Anastasia Hicks

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