Personal Injury

Personal injury has the potential to change one’s life forever. The side-effects of an injury can range from physical incapacitation to the inability to work and earn income, to deep emotional strain. Our areas of expertise include work-related accidents, traffic accidents, slip and fall cases, and premises liability cases.

Some would call the automobile the greatest invention of the 19th  century. It connected rural areas to larger cities, it allowed people to own homes in the suburbs yet drive to work in the city and it brought family and relatives from distant towns closer together. By doing so, it improved the quality of life for all Americans. However, the automobile also injected a new hazard into everyday living. Indeed, over the past 100 years, more people are injured in automobile collisions than any other type of accident.

We here are here to help you resolve those issues. If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident know that you are not on your own. If the negligence of another driver caused your injuries, or if your crash occurred due to some sort of automotive defect an attorney may be able to recover compensation for you by initiating a auto claim. We have represented individuals in car accidents, truck accidents, ATV accidents, School Bus accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Golf Cart accidents and many more.

Property owners and managers are usually legally responsible if their premises are not properly maintained and an injury occurs. If you’ve been injured due to unsafe, hazardous or negligent conditions, you may be entitled to some amount of compensation.

Motorcycles are sleek, efficient and beautiful machines, and the people who ride them are passionate about the pleasures of driving on the open road. The overwhelming majority of motorcyclists are safe and careful drivers, but we often find that there is a prejudice against bike owners. When an accident occurs, other drivers and insurance companies want to blame the bike owner. Our job in representing motorcycle owners is to make sure that the prejudice is wiped away and that they are treated fairly for the injuries that they suffered.

Tractor-trailers, cement mixers, coal trucks, etc ., they are the big rigs on the highway. They do the important job of carrying household or industrial goods from coast to coast or from job site to job site. They also carry something else with them, tremendous size and weight, and for folks driving an ordinary automobile, the overwhelming size and weight of trucks can present tremendous hazards on the road.

Many people enjoy the excitement of going off-road on all-terrain vehicles. ATVs, golf carts  or 4-wheelers (quads), can be enjoyable to ride, however as with all automobiles there is a risk. Often times these types of vehicles are seen as novelty. However these vehicles are too protected under the law if you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another.

A wrongful death lawsuit recognizes that it is not only the victim of a fatal accident who suffers a loss. Immediate family members such as spouses, parents, children and grandparents are also affected when a loved one dies and they deserve to be compensated.

covers injuries that an employee may suffer while performing work responsibilities. The specific aspects that workers’ compensation can cover are medical expenses, a percentage of lost wages, and support for retraining if the injured party is unable to return to his or her previous job. If you are very seriously injured, disability benefits may also cover any money that you may lose in the future because of a reduction in the overall salary potential due to injury.
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